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OTHER NAMEalias Dry Chuck
BIRTH/DEATH01.01.1832 – 19.06.1899 Perth, a pauper
BRITISH DATAs/o John WARBURTON & Jane nee AINSWORTH, (parents and older brother migrated to the USA), unmarr, engine turner, semi lit, Prot; behaviour in separate confinement, at public works & on voyage - good
19.10.1850 Lancashire, charged with stealing some iron, the property of the Lancaster Canal Company, committed for trial, 12m
CONVICTIONPreston, Lancashire 07.01.1857, with younger sister Alice (19 years), John Morris and Richard Kay, stealing from the warehouse of John Eccles, 25 ledger books, 31 memorandum books, 69 lead pencils, 19 pounds of sweets, a teapot and a candlestick, prev conv, 10yrs (The Preston Guardian, 10 Jan 1857)
5ft 6ins, dark brown hair, dark blue eyes, long visage, fair complexion, middling stout, scar on forehead; 1877 (* p106) stout, about 40 years, 5ft 7in tall, sandy hair; Apr 1894 (*p79) aged 61, 5ft 3¾ins, grey hair, hazel eyes, round visage, fresh complexion, stout, scar left side of forehead, lost fore finger right hand
ARRIVALFremantle – Edwin Fox 21.11.1858 from Chatham Prison
CERTIFICATESTL06.11.1861 Perth, CP04.01.1865 Victoria District, CF26.08.1867 Champion Bay
20.12.1858 (SO7p49 - p50) CE transferred to North Fremantle Depot road party under Instructor Warder Sergeant Taylor; 19.08.1859 Mount Eliza Depot; 01.03.1861 promoted to Constable Class; 1861 - Apr 1862 Perth, Jun 1862 Swan; Jan 1863 Toodyay; 31.12.1863 - 29.11.1864 Vict6oria District, lab, miner, hut keeper; 1864 ‘The Bowes’, hutkeeper; May 1883 employed as teamster and night man
WA CONVICTIONS15 Jun 1866 Geraldton, drunk & disorderly in the street, 10/-
28 Jun 1866 Geraldton, with James Wilson [7314] taking away the materials of a bush hut property of Joseph Warren, ordered o rebuild the hut
16 Nov 1866 Geraldton, drunk & incapable of taking care of himself & horses, fined £1
22 Apr 1867 Geraldton, drunk & incapable, fined 5/- or 7d
14 Aug 1867 Geraldton, drunk & incapable, 5/- or 7d
31 Mar 1869 Fremantle, drunk & obscene language, 14d
18 May 1869 Fremantle, drunk & incapable, 5d
ᴳᴿᴾ12 Sep 1870 Greenough, drunk & disorderly Back Flats, fined £1
ᴳᴿᴾ06 Mar 1871 Greenough, absconding from the service of Robert Readhead, 3m
*Jun 1877 (p105, p106, p122, p134) Northampton, warrant, stealing a sheep dog, property N. W. Cooke, Irwin, deserting service, remanded to Dongara, charged, 1m
*Nov 1877 (p197) Geraldton, absconding service, stealing a dog, 3m, 1m
*Jul 1878 (p139) Northampton, warrant, deserting the service of John Williams at ‘Willogully’
*May 1879 (p82, p86, p98, p106, p123) Geraldton, warrant deserting the service of Burges, Wittenoom & Co., 1m
*Jun 1880 (p100, p104, p161) Geraldton, warrant for deserting the service of Charles Crowther, 3m
*Feb 1881 (p35) Geraldton, drunk, 7d
*Dec 1882 (p203) Lime Kiln Perth, suspected of stealing a new pair of blucher boots, size 8, small nails in bottom, the property of William Gray
*May 1883 (p92, p140) Perth, larceny of a coat valued at 15/-, 3m
*Aug 1885 (p102, p144) Geraldton, deserting the service of Messrs Aitken & Birrell, 2m
*Jan 1886 (p21) Bunbury, horse stealing, not guilty
*Mar 1886 (p54, p70) Geraldton, larceny, 2 blankets, 7d
¹Jan 1888 Dongara, deserting service, dismissed
*Feb 1891 (p28, p80) Guildford, (released Fremantle) unlawfully on the premises of Thomas Jecks, larceny, 1m, 2m
*Oct 1893 (p172) Perth, stealing the sum of 18/6d the property of Henry Hartifoll at the Invalid Depot, 6m
*Mar 1895 (p64, p120) Fremantle, with William Jones (Exp) vagrancy, 3m
*Mar 1898 (p64) Perth, vagrancy, 3m
COMMENTSalias Dry Chuck
REFERENCESSROWA – Convict Register Acc 1156 R1, R8, R21; Register of Local Prisoners Acc 1156 V16A, p73, p90, p100; ᴳᴿᴾGreenough Police Court Charge Book Cons 4411; Geraldton Police Charge Book Cons 661/41; Register of Pauper Deaths Perth Acc 1156 V24; Register of Local Prisoners Acc 1156 F4; Superintendent’s Orders Acc 1156 SO7; *WA Police Gazette; ¹Police Charge Book Dongara Cons417/22 p158
STORYNo story has been recorded. Please send us one if you have it.
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